In recent years, the International Poaching Crisis has been featured across the world news media with a somber tone of impending failure. While the fight against poaching is intensifying, the underlying dynamic of the problem is bound to mega trends and geo political facts of life that are hard to dispute and harder to change. The habitats of the iconic species we are in danger of losing are, for the most part, in developing countries. The future of Tiger, Rhino and Elephant is dependent on economies, challenged to deliver basic services to their own people. At the same time, the demand for illegal wildlife products such as Rhino Horn and Elephant Ivory is rising with the growth of Asian economies. These facts won’t bend to mere hope in the time frame required. An answer is needed that solves the problem despite, or even because, of these new global realities.

The Elephant Survival Organization (ESO) is a company Limited by Guarantee – nonprofit – set up to support and promote UAV based anti-poaching concept. A contractor Bathawk Recon (BHR) will carry out the surveillance. ESO‘s role is to secure relationships with protection authorities and develop a set of contractual agreement and deploy the service. This ensures that the concept is well understood and in consensus with communities, conservationists and would be supported worldwide.

So what is the operational side of the UAV anti poaching concept? Browse through our BHR page to read more.

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