In Tanzania government policy, strategies and programmes are developed and executed with a high degree of participatory content. Structures exist for the Private Sector, NGOs, Civil Society and international partners to contribute into this process. Where the issue is complex such as conservation, some time and effort is needed to reconcile the position of such widely differing interests.

BHR’s “position” in this regard is simple: It is a tool to be focused on the supply side of poaching and applied to its maximum effect. But that stance needs explaining. An unyielding concentration on its own goals and objectives is operationally advantageous, but not perhaps best in the committee room. ESO will represent BHR in this milieu, making sure that it has the ability to get its job done.

Most particularly, the Private Sector Anti-Poaching Initiative, hosted by the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), will be looking at how BHR’s UAV based surveillance operation fits into the bigger picture and providing evaluation of the effectiveness of operation. ESO will represent BHR in this fora and with the wider conservation community.