Anti poaching efforts around the globe

Anti poaching efforts around the globe
March 5, 2016 eso

What is the connection between a young girl in a small rural town in Vermont and a man who opened his heart and farm into an elephant refuge in Africa? Simply compassion for these highly intelligent, intuitive creatures on the brink of extinction

Chloe Harding is an American school girl, oceans away from any natural elephant habitat, yet she will spend her days participating at demonstrations with Vermont Free Ivory.  One day, she did an impromptu “man on the street” interview, with pad and pencil she recorded responses and suggestions to her questions on poaching. Such a selfless commitment for someone so young.

On the other side of the world, Lawrence Anthony took on the challenge of saving a group of wild elephants that were to be shot because they were rogue He became known as the elephant whisperer and created such a bond with these beasts, that the loving herd sensed the connection. On the day he died, two groups of elephants made their way, single file to his house and remained there for two days. It is hard to argue this is not a conscious, loving homage.

The mystery of elephants relationship to humankind is unexplained, but people like Lawrence and Chlöe separated by nationality, age and geography, come to the same conclusion. They must be protected.