A principal activity of ESO will be to collect a written and video record of BHR operations. This record should be a fairly detailed narrative in the two media of pod activities. This record will develop a strand of content to support ESO’s other activities. The development and delivery of content to ESO through this record will be organized as follows:

  • ESO will engage a Journalist (i.e. an individual who keeps a written record – NOT a newspaper employee) and a Videographer who will be stationed at Pod camps. These will be known as Record Teams (RT).
  • When BHR has multiple Pods in the field, RTs will circulate between them and it will not be expected that there will always be a team at each Pod.
  • BHR will negotiate with the contracting wildlife authority to give access to the RT teams, though it is expected that access will be restricted to some aspects of operations due to security and some other information may be delayed in its release.
  • RTs will be mobile and have their own vehicle, communications and camping capability.
  • The written record will be expected to be comprehensive and include a high level of descriptive detail. It will not be intended for publication in itself or to make any particular point.
  • Similarly, the video record should capture the sequence of events and the action and personalities that are part of the narrative.
  • Where ever possible, RTs will follow the OCO or PCOs to remote sortie assignments or in support of interdiction operations.