Elephant Survival Organization (ESO) is a Tanzanian registered company Limited by Guarantee, which is a non-profit company in which each member guarantees a portion of the liability if the company is dissolved.

ESO has been set up to organize and deploy UAV anti poaching surveillance; advocate effective anti poaching policy; community support; improved law enforcement ESO provides a voice nd communication capability to the UAV anti poaching model. In this arrangement ESO is contracting a Tanzanian company – Bathawk Recon – to carry out the surveillance.

ESO accepts donations & grants to contract these operations. It negotiates the authorizations, promote the UAV anti poaching cause and works to expand the coverage to more protected areas.

To see Tanzanian wildlife free from threat of poaching within a decade concept of operations.

To promote the UAV based anti poaching model through research, innovation, communication and the focused application of resources.

ESO’s Goals are :

  • ESO’s most critical goal is the wild life that will be preserved through it’s work and action, support Bathawk in the development of an effective concept of operations.
  • Link the UAV operational capability effectively to Tanzanian institutions and entities worldwide.
  • Support thgrough partnerships and projects research that brings a greater understanding of wildlife, wildlife human interactions, wildlife surveillance, wildlife traffic and wildlife data.