ESO is based in Tanzanian. However to achieve it’s goals, ESO needs to reach out over a much wider area to promote the UAV  anti poaching opportunity ESO,  and the friends of ESO, and the friends of ESO are therefore starting non profits in the United States and United Kingdom to spreads the word.

This website is the voice of all. The ESO concept is an inclusive one that is growing and gathering support. The spokes persons that can be contacted through this site are:

Michael Chambers

Michael Chambers is a long time resident of Arusha and represents ESO on the board of BHR. In that capacity he designed and managed the BHR start up. Before joining the anti poaching fight, his consulting business was specializing in start-ups, His work in Horticulture included both developing fresh produce exports and working with Government on the National Horticulture strategy and preparations for Kilimo kwanza (Agriculture first). Mike spent eight years on the board of Tanzania Horticulture Association where he was responsible for strategies which expanded its yearly budget from five to seven figures. Before moving to Tanzania, Mike spent nine years in the Congo DRC visiting the then unprotected Lomako forest multiple times and was involved in two National Geographic expeditions.

Florian Schmitzberger

Florian Schmitzberger is currently working at the Charité University of Medicine in Berlin, Germany. His research focuses on image interpretation in radiology. Previously he did work in pattern recognition at the Technical University of Vienna. He completed undergraduate and graduate (MS) studies at Stanford University in the United States where he published on detecting lung nodules in radiology. This previous work ties in well with the technical tasks ESO is planning. Specifically detecting poaching-activities will necessitate pattern recognition that is very similar to techniques used in radiology. Utilizing and modifying existing approaches as well as developing novel methods to automatically interpret aerial images will be a focus of ESO.

Jennifer Cambron

Jennifer became interested in animal welfare and anti-poaching on her first trip to Africa when she went on Safari in Tanzania. Jennifer is a former United States Marine trained as an avionics technician, so she immediately understood the potential of the Bathawk Recon surveillance model. Jennifer’s military experience is a reminder that the anti-poaching operations proposed by Elephant Survival Organization are tactical/strategic undertakings. Jennifer is setting up ESO’s American network and preparing for launching the 501 (c)(3).