Not On Our Watch

Not On Our Watch
July 6, 2016 eso
Judy McIntosh

Every single day in Tanzania elephants are being killed. They are shot with AK47s, or painfully poisoned, then their faces are cut off with chainsaws and the coveted tusks removed. A few months ago 25 elephants were poached this way just outside of the Ngorongoro Conservation area. Why is the world not enraged with this? These highly intelligent animals are on the brink of extinction and no one seems to care. In the past 5 years, half of Tanzania’s elephants have been killed, so if we do the math and this poaching goes on unchecked, in another 5 years the other half will also be slaughtered. On our watch we are passively allowing these magnificient beasts to disappear so a handful of greedy heartless people can make money, turning these tusks into keychains and trinkets.
Shark fin soup was once a must on every Chinese wedding menu. It was a status symbol, it doesn't really taste good, but some outdated custom allowed it to continue. I saw a photo once of a huge ship and the deck was stacked with thousands of shark fins, each representing a shark, caught, sliced, then thrown back into the water to die. But this new generation of Chinese have refused to continue this cruel and frivolous custom.

Things can change.

We can stop the ivory trade. Let’s get together and insist on it! Bathawk Recon is a Tanzanian anti poaching project that is ready to do just that. BHR’s fundraising campaign has begun to raise money and awareness to stop this malignant trade. Using high tech drones over the National Parks, and trained rangers, a new era of protection will make things very hard for poachers. Drones fitted with high tech, night vision cameras can detect the poachers so there is nowhere to hide. Bathawk has carried out 3 successful trials in Tarangire, the Selous and Mkomazi Parks last year and is ready to begin antipoaching in earnest,
We cannot plead ignorance and allow an entire species to disappear on our watch. No, the tusks do not grow back. No, the tusks have no magical powers and yes, another elephant has been cruelly killed as you read this. Please support Bathawk and join the campaign to stop poaching now.

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