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ESO is dedicated to African Conservation. The plight of the Elephant is symbolic of a wider issue in which the pressure of human populations and the natural habituate of wildlife are at odds. The Biodiversity crisis is widely discussed in Africa and the wider world. Major international NGOs raise significant funding in support of wildlife. African countries also maintain vast tracts of protected areas in pursuit of the same aim. 


International support of wildlife protection needs programs, initiatives and specific undertakings in which it is working in coordination with national institutions and local communities. This isn’t that easy. Pitching wildlife protection to the developed world is done by connecting the continuity of a healthy biodiversity to human stewardship of the natural world. 


In the front line countries, the imminent proximity of events brings this issue much closer to home. This is about jobs and how local communities manage their day today business. ESO does like to use the example of elephants in defining its role in the biodiversity struggle. It’s true role however is about people and perspective. ESO helps international entities, and big world conservation ideas, fit into local African situations and institutions.  

This isn't the raw-raw side of wildlife protection. The exciting part is in the wild where you can actually see the savanna teem as it has for millennia. The critical resource part is in the attitude of the wider world to support finding a solution to this crisis. These two points of view are often hard to reconcile.  

That’s ESO’s job. We work behind the scenes to bring common understandings, and viable paths forward, to wildlife issues when international, national and local perspectives seem at odds.